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       The Right Wing is a super-realistic size pilchard / sardine sinking stickbait fitted with heavy duty Owner singles for a sure hook
       set and easier handling for catch and release fishing.
       This perfectly balanced lure ensures long casts for a sinking stickbait that is slim and fast, with an erractic action that attracts
       fish and triggers brutal strikes. Count it down to your
       desired depth and sweek that rod tip, or jig it erractical- MODEL  COLOR         LENGTH WEIGHT ACTION
       ly.                                             ACF-348-305 ALBINO WHITE         120mm    50g      Sinking
       Perfect for a variety of species from salmon and tailor,   ACF-348-382 BONITO    120mm    50g      Sinking
       to tuna, mackerel, dolphin fish, king fish, reef species
       and more.                                       ACF-348-308 CLEAR PINK           120mm    50g      Sinking
                                                       ACF-348-304 HALFBEAK             120mm    50g      Sinking

                                                                                                305 - ALBINO WHITE

                                                                                                382 - BONITO

                                                                                                308 - CLEAR PINK

                                                                                                304 - HALFBEAK
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