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       The Winglet from Fish Inc Lures has been designed   MODEL   COLOR        LENGTH WEIGHT ACTION HOOK SIZE
       following the popularity of the Wing, with the intention   BH-1163-303 PINK BACK  87mm  42g  Sinking ST56 TN #6
       of creating a smaller profile of the same bait. This
       enables you to “match the hatch” of the baitfish in the   BH-1163-304 HALF BEAK  87mm  42g  Sinking ST56 TN #6
       area. It has the identical weight of the Wing of 42grams   BH-1163-306 NATURAL  87mm  42g  Sinking ST56 TN #6
       but instead of the ABS construction is made  of solid  BH-1163-307 PURPLE BACK 87mm  42g  Sinking ST56 TN #6
       Zinc. It casts like a bullet so perfect for getting that  BH-1163-333 GLOW  87mm  42g    Sinking ST56 TN #6
       extra distance but also assisting with the sink rate so   BH-1163-334 GREEN GLOW 87mm  42g  Sinking ST56 TN #6
       can be used to fish a variety of depths depending on
       your sinking time. Perfect for  a variety of game fish
       either shore  based or deeper waters. Comes fitted
       ready for action with #6 Owner hooks. The Fish Inc
       Winglet is available in 6 colours and is perfect for a
       variety of salt water fish whether from the beach, the
       rocks or boat.

       303 - PINK BACK                                            304 - HALF BEAK

       306 - NATURAL                                              307 - PURPLE BACK

       333 - GLOW                                                 334 - GREEN GLOW
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