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       The Centre is our first lipped diving lure   CENTRE 12
       designed for trolling.  Based on the original
       profile of our hugely successful Squidee   MODEL    COLOR             LENGTH WEIGHT ACTION      HOOK SIZE
       metal bait we have modified the design into   ACF-338-436 CHEESY SPRAT  150mm  35g    Floating  S-125M
       a hard bait with lip and have been super  ACF-338-440 FANTASY         150mm   35g     Floating  S-125M
       impressed with the action and success of  ACF-338-435 NATURAL SQUID   150mm   35g     Floating  S-125M
       this bait. Available in two different sizes both  ACF-338-439 PURPLE MIX  150mm  35g   Floating  S-125M
       rigged with Owner S-125M single hooks.   ACF-338-437 ZEBRA            150mm   35g     Floating  S-125M
       The Centre 12 is 150mm and 35g, dives to a   CENTRE 13
       depth of 5 – 8 feet and has a smaller narrow-
       er profile.                             MODEL       COLOR             LENGTH WEIGHT ACTION      HOOK SIZE
       The Centre 13 is 170mm and 55g, dives to a   ACF-340-436 CHEESY SPRAT  170mm  55g     Floating  S-125M
       depth of 6 – 10 feet and with a bulkier body   ACF-340-440 FANTASY    170mm   55g     Floating  S-125M
       may just  appeal to the bigger  game fish  ACF-340-435 NATURAL SQUID  170mm   55g     Floating  S-125M
       looking for a substantial meal.         ACF-340-439 PURPLE MIX        170mm   55g     Floating  S-125M
                                               ACF-340-437 ZEBRA             170mm   55g     Floating  S-125M

       436 - CHEESY SPRAT

                                              440 - FANTASY

       435 - NATURAL SQUID

                                              439 - PURPLE MIX

       437 - ZEBRA
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