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       DESCRIPTION                                                         MODEL        WEIGHT     SIZE   QTY. PP
       - Round head elevated on top towards eye of the hook resulting in a more   DJ011810  1/8oz  1/0      7pp
         erratic action on fast retrieves.                                 DJ0131620     3/16oz    2/0      6pp
       - Triple top to bottom keeper.                                      DJ011430       1/4oz    3/0      5pp
       - A wide variety of sizes to cover different situations.

       DJ011810 - 1/8oz                         DJ0131620 - 3/16oz                    DJ011430 - 1/4oz

       JIG HEAD


       DESCRIPTION                                                         MODEL        WEIGHT     SIZE   QTY. PP
       - Bullet head is bigger sizes for lager game fish with triple top to bottom keeper.  DJ103430  3/4oz  3/0  3pp
       - Flattened back end for rigging your bait flush against the head.  DJ101050        1oz     7/0      2pp
       - Fantastic erratic action on high speed retrieve.                  DJ102070        2oz     10/0     1pp
       - One of the most popular jig heads to date.

       DJ103430 - 3/4oz                                                   DJ101050 - 1oz

       DJ102070 - 2oz
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